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Antepavilion - FAQ

Due to the high number of emails we are receiving we are responding to most queries here:

The very open brief is intended to give maximum freedom of expression. There are constraints imposed by the self-led build requirement, the light-weight of the structure and the budget. Form and function are, contrastingly, as open as the other constrains permit.

None of the roofs are currently wheelchair accessible.

The Antepavilon does not need to be habitable as a dwelling. You are however welcome to propose a habitable or semi-habitable structure if you choose and have a strategy to deliver that within the budget.

It is intended that the winner will take a hands-on approach to the construction of the project, working with labourers and craftspeople on site to build the project.

Entries will simple be realisable with materials and labour to this value. These costs will be at typical daily rates for general labourers and craftsmen and materials at trade supply rates.

It is up to you to propose the capacity of the Antepavilion. You might produce a small structure for a single person or a more sculptural installation which can be experienced by many visitors at once.

We are not anticipating moving existing structures without a very good argument being made to do so.

Yes in part. The £10,000 cash component of the project fund will be for you to allocate on labour and materials as you choose. The £15,000 of materials and labour will be provided by Shiva Ltd and their approved contractors.

Yes. Any proposals for sponsorship and what brand exposure the company would require in return should be made to the Art House Foundation and Architecture Foundation once your entry has been shortlisted.

You should submit two A3 sheets as a single PDF. These should contain sufficient drawings and text to outline the basis of your proposal. You are not required to produce photorealistic renders or architectural details at this stage. Do NOT include your name or practice name anywhere on the A3 sheets as projects will be judged automatically.

It is up to you to propose the location on the roof for the Antepavilion based on your ambition for the structure.

No. There is no requirement to propose the Antepavilion is serviced although you are welcome to do so if you choose.

All entires will be published online and at a party hosted by Architecture Foundation at Columbia Wharf/Hoxton Docks to announce the shortlist.

No. Only such as is dictated by the practicalities of construction/location.

Yes. There is no requirement for the space to be habitable but you are welcome to propose that it could function as a temporary dwelling for a resident.