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FAQ - Antepavilion(M2) 2020

The very open brief is intended to give maximum freedom of expression. There are constraints imposed by the self-led build requirement, the light-weight of the structure and the budget. Form and function are, contrastingly, entirely unconstrained.

The Antepavilon does not need to be habitable as a dwelling. You are however welcome to propose a habitable or semi-habitable structure if you choose and have a strategy to deliver that within the budget.

Entries should be realisable with materials and labour to this value. These costs will be at typical industry daily rates for craftsmen and labourers and trade prices for materials.

Yes. Also, the £10,000 cash prize component of the project fund can be used to augment the £15 000 build budget and be allocated to additional labour and materials if you choose. The £15,000 of materials and labour will be provided by Shiva Ltd or other agreed contractors.

Yes. But any proposals for sponsorship and what brand exposure any additional sponsor wants in return will need to be agreed with Antepavilion once your entry has been shortlisted.

Shiva Ltd
The Architecture Foundation
akt ii