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Antepavilion Commission 

An annual competition to design and build an experimental structure for an evolving series of installations on public display at Columbia and Brunswick Wharf on the Regent’s canal at Haggerston.

Established in 2017 Antepavilion is an Arts and Architecture Charity that aims to encourage independent thought and foster creativity around the subjects of Art and Architecture.

Through examination and discussion of the critical and intimate relationship between the two disciplines we aim to demonstrate the importance of upholding a balance between them in our ever-commercialising urban realm.

Will our age be defined by ubiquitous architecture and commercially controlled artists? We strive to provide a space where the fire of creation can burn free in a world seemingly hurtling towards uniformity and subjugation.

The commissioning and exhibiting of contemporary works in addition to the provision of affordable studio spaces in the heart of London enables us to further our objectives, specifically to advance the education of the public in art and architecture.

Our annual competition: The Antepavilion Commission, sponsored by Shiva Limited with invaluable support from the Architecture Foundation offers emerging architects, artists and makers an opportunity to create new work for public display within the Columbia and Brunswick Wharf complex, a unique urban environment, situated on the Regents Canal in Haggerston, East London. Further information can be found following the links above.

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